Shenzhen Ultron Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Smart Ultron Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent domestic enterprise including R&D, manufacturing, marketing, marketing intelligent home products and sanitary products. Its production base is located in Shenzhen and products have been exported to many areas such as Western European, North America, Middle East, South America, Africa and etc. We have build more than 200 specialty stores and 800 marketing networks successively both in domestic and overseas .

Ultron Intellignet Technology owns 2 famous brands, which are Oriental and Armor.
Brand Oriental adopts the design philosophy "Brief but not simple" . The products produced with spirit of craftsman and excelsior manufacturing technique have been the prior choice of middle and high end intelligent clothes drying system of overseas market .

Brand Armor adopts German design style and philosophy, implants Chinese elements and combines young and fashionable design philosophy. The products have been one of the popular items on its going to market."Top quality, good price"has been the synonym of Brand Armor.
Ultron  Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.